SUP Yoga Teacher Tarining

The Coolest New Yoga Trend

As we know that in the 21st Century especially in the age of IT revolution people are very materialistic and they are running behind the money as we know that ” money talks” . Money is very essential for our livelihood and for our status .So in this busy and money oriented world people never get’s time to do ‘’Yoga’’ or daily exercise to make their mind and body fit. There is an adage ‘’health is wealth” so it is our utmost priority to be healthy because healthy body can generate healthy mind to work.

If you want to make your brain healthy and your body strong because a healthy brains really depend upon healthy body. Then here are some daily mantras to make your body healthy, wealthy and fine.

Yoga is an ancient practicing exercise followed by various spiritual leaders to make their body strong and to be physical powerful. But in the modern era the concept of Yoga has been changed but the motive behind it are the same. The yoga specialists are there to teach you the posture and the standing position while doing Yoga.

Nothing to worry if you can’t afford a yoga specialist there are many CDs and DVDs are available in the market or you can find online to learn various yoga posture.

You can also read various articles and blogs to know more about yoga trend that are followed now-a- days posted by various well known and acclaimed yoga gurus .

SUP Yoga Teacher Tarining

Here are some amazing yoga trends which are discussed below, which you haven’t heard before:-

  • In the recent days the stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has grabbed more attention by the yoga lover. This Yoga can be performed anywhere except bathtub. Basically this trend had been originated from Hawaii by the sports personal as on off shoot of surfing .There are various modes of stand up paddle including flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), SUP Yoga.
  • Most yoga lovers will test their ability to balance on anything—a bench, a ledge, or even another person. Basically this unique SUP yoga is performed on the sea surface by standing on a paddle board. The major attention is that to maintain your balance. SUP yoga is geared toward all levels, so you can try it out even if you haven’t mastered every single pose on dry land yet.
  • Doing yoga on paddle board does require more core strength and balance than yoga for landlubbers, but even if you don’t arrive with rock-hard abs, you’ll develop them quickly.
  • The new yoga craze is absolutely mind blowing for obliques and shoulders (which you use a lot while paddling). Once you are accustomed with this new and unique yoga trend poses on your board, you’ll get a true full-body workout (if you think doing a crow pose on land is hard, try doing it on the water).
  • This nature friendly yoga technique SUP will enrich your mind and body. It will give you an imminence peaceful mind and a fit body to work throughout the day. You can continue your yoga session by enjoying the natural beauty. Doing this unique yoga it will bring you closer to the nature. And this yoga workout is performed in a bathing suit or yoga gear.
  • And one thing you should remember while attending this yoga session you should obviously know how to swim. Everyone can able to do this SUP yoga you must be thinking it must a challenging work. You can able to do this if you have believed on yourself.
  • Now-a-days this SUP yoga classes and lessons are offered across the country you will be lucky enough if you are USA resident because there many hotels and outfitters who are offering this facilities.

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